Monday, March 31, 2014

my achieved camp goals

I over comed this fear by climbing up the leders for the absailing wall
and looking around.

Eating the food
I over comed this by eating what ever was on my plate and in the end the food
was the best.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

my two stars and a wish

my maths(mean medein and mode)group rifle score

The mode is the number that apears the most but if a number dosent
apear more than one time there is no mode.

For the medein you have to get all you numbers and get the midlle
number and divid it by 2.

For the mean you have to work out what half
of that number that your working on is.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vocaroo Voice Message

Vocaroo Voice Message this is my vocaroo voice message about the moari manuata mountans and rivers and our family and tribe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Raising money

For our maths we had to do a challenge and its called raising money and we had to figure out some money maths hear it is.

c disco money that they got $2800.00

e hangi day money that they got $3800.00

My camp goals

Walt:set smart goals. My first goal for camp is overcoming my fear of heights by climbing the rock climbing wall and going back down the abseiling wall.

I chose this goal because I am scared of heights.

Ill know when I have achieved this goal when Iv done it and doing it again.

I can help myself achieve this by saying to myself when I get down to the bottom I and every body else will be so proud of me. 

My second goal is to try the food.

I chose this goal because I am really fussy on what I eat.

Ill know when I have achieved this goal when I have tryed it and I love it.

I can help myself achieve this goal by eating it any way.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

stem and leaf graph

this is my stem and leaf graph

what we had to do for this is we got or learning buddy and a ruler and our day book and then we- meshered our hands to make shore that they were 20 senter meters apart.So after that our learning- partner had to hold the ruler and drop it when ever they wanted to and then we had to catch the ruler and this is my ressolts.
stem and leaf graph. a stem and leaf graph is something you can record your maths or numbers on. the - stem is the long line that and on the left side is all the tens but the 0 is the ones and on the other side is- the leafs and those are the numbers that I got so if I got a 20 I would only put a 0 on the other side of- the line behined the 2.   

Thursday, March 6, 2014

two stars and a wish

This is my two stars and a wish.

Chiddlewadddle diddlewadle doo

Sing sing with a brand new thing
See see a really big flea
Look look at a brand new book
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo.

Fight fight a really strong night
Bite bite a really hot light
Eat eat mr peat
Chidddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo.

Jump jump a really big bump
Dump dump a lazy chump
Say say are you aloud to play
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle
Chiddlewaddle diddlewaddle doo!

This is my poem that I wrote myself!:p

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Katie Reading Portfolio

Here is my reading post about a school getting measles.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Milania 5 takes long way home

Milania Lang is only 5 years old, but she didn't let 6.8km of busy roads get in the way of an epic solo scooter journey. Milania's intrepid outing began when mum Kamilla took her and two friends, plus Kamilla's 19-year-old niece Danielle, to watch a movie at the Auckland waterfront on a recent busy Sunday "We'd been at the Lantern Festival and I'd heard there was a kid's movie on at the Wynyard Quarter. So I decided to take the children to see it." With the three children and Danielle, Kamilla went to an information centre on the waterfront to ask about the film. "They were only about a metre behind me. I thought Milania was just an arm's reach away." But setting out for Princes Wharf, Kamilla realised Milania was missing. "I asked the others if they knew where she was; but they didn't. So we started frantically looking." But Milania was nowhere to be seen. Security staff reviewed CCTV footage, which revealed Milania had looked away at the moment the others went into the centre and it showed her looking around, confused, and scootering off in the opposite direction. Kamilla called the rest of Milania's family and they came immediately to join the search. After about an hour, the police were called. One of the officers asked if there was any chance of Milania having gone home. Kamilla thought it unlikely but went with an officer to their home almost 7km away. "I left the other children with my friend, and drove home in the car. The officer said it was time for us to alert the media and get a helicopter out. That really hit me hard." They arrived at the family home, but Milania was nowhere to be seen. As they were driving back, a policewoman saw a small child four doors from the home, sitting on a footpath. "She asked me 'is that her'," said Kamilla. And it was and she was very tired and quiet, but calm. The first thing she said to me was 'you lost me Mum'! Milania explained she'd lost sight of the group and thought they must have headed home. "So she decided to scooter home to find us. She had to cross some of Auckland's busiest streets all by herself." Milania's journey is all the more remarkable as she has been to the Wynyard Quarter only two or three times this summer. Asked if she was scared or sad during her epic journey, Milania responded: "I cried, but just a little." ` Comprehension Questions

WALT: Analysing an article Record your responses to the following questions on your blog. (Think about a suitable title) 1) Do you think Milania did the right thing?  I think she did the right thing because if she stayed in the market she could have been kidnaped or robed.  2) What are some potential dangers that Milania faced?Milania had to face walking across busy roads and scottering 7km. 3) Define Frantically and what is another word for it that you could use. Frantically means worried and scaed.