Monday, October 26, 2015

Spiral chrysalis

description: We had to read some of our book the spiral chrysalis and then we had to give our buddy in our group and then after we finished our questions we had to email them to our buddy and awenser them here they are!

My questions:

1. Who died in the story: gran. yes

2. What was turning Gold: the chrysalis. no (the wellington hills)

3. Who was the lazy one: carl. yes

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Discovery time

 Description: In discovery time witch is a free time and we can do what we want I made on Minecraft a sign that says I love school it took me a while  to make the front and the back they are the same on each side I showed and agency creativity and exallance by not annoying any one and not doing anything im not allowed and also making my sign and next time in discovery time I want to do some sketching and play around with it!

Monday, October 12, 2015

My reading Prediction.

Description: We had to take a picture of the cover the blurb and a random page in the book then we had to answer some question and I chose to put hem in to groups so, like. Cover, Title, Blurb, My prediction.

My book:

Title: "The Spiral Chrysalis" The name just hooks me in strait away and I just think of a beautiful butterfly but that is not what it looks like at all the book sounds like and book full of mysteries!  

Cover: The cover to me has lots of mystery for me and i'm  wondering what the black curves are I think there people protecting the chrysalis in the back round there is also smoke coming out of the chrysalis and I really want to know what the is!

Blurb: The blurb makes the book sound even more amazing than it looks for me its all about a girl who finds the spiral chrysalis and her gran tells a story about it. I would just love to find out more.

My prediction: I think its about a girl who finds the chrysalis then wants to know about it but there are some guards to it an she doesn't know anything about what it is!