Monday, February 29, 2016

buddy time.

Description: In buddy time we were making something, to show what us and our buddys like. Me and my buddy Siena made a poster showing what I like and what she likes. To get our buddy we played a game called four corners and we got to know people a bit better and then i thought that siena and I could get to know each other better. Then we had the task to make a poster. Here it is we hope you like it!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Listening sample

Description: In Poutama we were all learning about types of listing and we practiced all of the types of listening. i got in to a group of three me Jonty and Trey and we decided to do all three of the listening this we could do two but three was good.

Big idea: Busy listening is when someone is talking to you and your not listening so you could be doing something else like taking selfies. Active listening is when someone is taking to you and your listening to them and waiting for them to finish what there saying. Me to listening is when someone talks to you and you cut them off and say something about you and what you did and saying "Oh yeah me to i did that" and so forth.

Feedback/Forward: I think that you could of talked a little bit louder but other than that i think you did a great job.    -Atlanta

Evaluation: I think that Atlantas right we could have talked a bit louder but i think we got our movie done in a good amount of time and that the rest of our movie is good.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Treaty of waitangi

Description: In Poutama we were learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and Hannah P, Bridget and I made a short movie about what happened again a short version. We are learning about the Treaty of Waitangi because last weekend was Waitangi weekend and New Zealand celebrates Waitangi weekend for a good reason, because the maori and the British signed the for peace the British doesn't own our land and we we would have been controlled by others, so we everyone in Poutama are making all sorts of things for this one day we hope you like them!

This is our movie.

Big idea: First we had to get the information we some information from a slide our teacher made us and some from the internet and then we started to wright the scripted it took us a while but we got there and then we got the props so the moustache and the treaty paper then we read over our lines so we didn't have to look at the camera all the time and then we started to record!

Feedback/Feedforward: It was really good but it could be a bit louder and also the story could be a bit clearer-Bella M

Evaluation: I think that we did a good job with our movie but the last parts could be a bit louder and the green screen wasn't the best. I think that our stage is multi with 3 or more facts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Maths 15 Cards

Description: For maths we had 7 cards up to the number 15 and we had to solve a problem with those cards and number for example. card 1 and 2 add up to the number 15 and with the cards i have i need to add up to 15 so 5 and 10 = 15. And after i finished that i got with a buddy (Hannah P) and we made our own one here it is.

These are my mistakes and I did it completely wrong but i the end i did i got it!

 Can you solve our one!

Im proud of that when i failed i didn't just give up i keeped on going and in the end i got it right!

One challenge for me is that at the start i didn't really get it and i got really frustrated and annoyed with my self.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Treaty of Waitangi.

Description: We had to do a first draft with questions about Waitangi day and then our final draft like editing and making it look better. We have done this because Waitangi day is on Monday and we have a long weekend in celebration of the treaty and other things. I have made a poster with Zara and this is my poster.

We had to get some questions (At least more than three) and put them on something in a way that someone could read and they weren't yes no questions but this is our poster i hope you like it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

My one word.

W.A.L.T: Set goals.

Description: At school we have to pick one word for our goal for the year. And mine is Creativity. you have to pick a word that you need to work on and that you can work on everyday!I love being creative with art but i want to be creative with maths and ideas to!

Why I picked Creativity as my word: I picked this word because i need to work on being creative in my ideas and lots of other things.