Thursday, February 25, 2016

Listening sample

Description: In Poutama we were all learning about types of listing and we practiced all of the types of listening. i got in to a group of three me Jonty and Trey and we decided to do all three of the listening this we could do two but three was good.

Big idea: Busy listening is when someone is talking to you and your not listening so you could be doing something else like taking selfies. Active listening is when someone is taking to you and your listening to them and waiting for them to finish what there saying. Me to listening is when someone talks to you and you cut them off and say something about you and what you did and saying "Oh yeah me to i did that" and so forth.

Feedback/Forward: I think that you could of talked a little bit louder but other than that i think you did a great job.    -Atlanta

Evaluation: I think that Atlantas right we could have talked a bit louder but i think we got our movie done in a good amount of time and that the rest of our movie is good.

1 comment:

  1. Katie, I love that you and your team were able to cover all three different types of listening in your video. It was easy to tell the attributes of each style. Next time think about minimizing the outside noise when recording. (e.g. the wind etc)