Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Science port foldio sample

Description: In Troys class we have been learning about weather. What we did on the first week was make a thing called a barometer. A barometer is a thing that basically reads the weather, so for example if the barometer's pointer is pointing low then it means the weather is going to rain or not be nice but if the barometer's pointer says high then the day should be nice. Then what we did this was we went on a page full of ideas of things we could do that is weather related and we could do for science. I was a partner with Zara Hardy, and we made fake snow. What we did for that was, we had shaving cream and baking soda and mixed then together. We had lots of fun doing this but it was SUPER messy!

This is a slides of my science/weather reports.

This a video of Zara and I making the fake snow.

Feedback/Feedforward: Great job Katie I think you did really well with adding as much detail no feedforward.-Gabby

Evaluation: I think Zara and I did well with making snow and it was super fun!!!!! I dont think that we need to add anything for next time.

Maths post sample

Description: In maths we had to do a fractions task, it was a task that said the mixel lego creators had to divide lots of little pieces of lego. We had 5 questions to answer with the task and they were what is 1/4 of 300, what is 1/5 of 300, 1/4 of 300 again, whats 2/10 of 300 and then 1/10 of 300.  I had trouble doing the 2/10 of 300 and 1/10 of 300 but i got there in the end. I have some photos of my work.

This is the second 1/4 of 300.

Feedback/feedforward: i think that you have done really well in using times and division I think next time that you don't need two work on anything you have explaned this really well. - Bella L

Evaluation: I think I did well showing how I did my maths but I think for a couple of them i think i need to work on explaining a bit more.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Description: Today in maths I played a maths game could fractions matcher, its when you have to match a picture of a fraction and a fraction in numbers and i got to the last level but it took me a while to get to the last level. But I think I did well.

This is the second to last level of the mixed fraction part of the game.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Description: Skimming is a type of reading that when your trying to find something in the news paper or trying to find a book for you to read, and finding the things that pop out to you and skipping over the pages.

This is a link to a skimming poster that tells you a bit more about skimming.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Summery writing

Description: Today in literacy I went to a wrk shop and we looked at a article about the moon. Then what we had to do was right a quick summery about that article. It was hard coming up with something only because summery are short and my writing style is long entertaining story's.

This is my summery I hope you like it!

Half of the moon is hot and the other side is cold. In 1969 and 1972 12 men walked on the moon and discovered water ice luna poles. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Maths fractions

Description: Today in maths I did two maths games, the first one I did is a game on study ladder and what you have to do is guess what the missing fraction is and then click the fraction you think it is down below. The second one is a game when you have to pair two fractions together that you think are the same, but you only get two guesses so if you get the one wrong then you only have one more pick.

Study ladder game.

Pare the fractions.

Handwriting Portfoldio Sample

Description: For some of my independent time in writing I worked on my handwriting because, handwriting is not my strong point. What I did to practise my handwriting was i wrote a poem in five minuets.We have a rubric and there are things we have to work on with our handwriting and that is to be, fast, legible and accurate, then we put our poem on a level there is level 1, 2, 3 and 4 and we can mark our self on what you think you are, and then the class can make changes in were you are!

This is my poem.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you are challenging yourself to try be as tidy as possible but still be fast, legible and accurate. Next time you could try and be a bit more tidier and make sure you spell your words right- Hannah G

Evaluation: Thanks Hannah I agree with you, yes i need to work on making it a bit more tidy thanks Hannah agin!

Writing work shop

Description: Today in writing we had a sentence that we had to write and then we made our own version of the sentence, and it had to have the same amount of comers it was quiet hard to think of our own sentence but I got there in the end. I hope you like the sentences, my one is the bottom one.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hard maths

Description: Today in maths I did two thing first I played a fractions game and made it to level 47! But then it got to hard so in the last part of maths so then I did a couple of fractions questions, the last one I did I didn't know what the fraction is of it. For me fractions is a challenge and thats good because if its not challenging you don't learn anything.

This is the game I played and what you have to do for it is cut the shape in to fractions and make sure you get all of the gold stars apart from each other I failed a lot at the last level but I still think I did well!

These are my fractions that I did.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Description: Today in maths we did a fractions challenge what we did was we had a blank head and then we drew eyes, freckles, teeth and hair. Then what we did on each face part we had to do a fraction with it so for example. When I did the eyes I did the circles and then coloured half of them in because our teacher asked us to colour in half of the eyes. One more is when I did the freckles we had to colour in 1/4 of the freckles, so what I did at the start was I made one red freckle and then three green, but then my teacher said another way is putting three green freckles on one side and one red freckle and then the same on the other side.

Here is my face.

Graffiti art

Description: Last term on the second to last day our teacher troy was sick so we had a reliever in for the day and his name is Chris. Chris said that he loves art so he wanted to do some art with us, and the art he chose to do with us is graffiti art. We got inspired by a very famous graffiti artist, I forgot his name but the art he dint was like crayon and graffiti mixed together so thats kind of what we did. First we chose what we were going to write on our A3 paper and then we wrote that word in block letters on our paper, then we made our letters 3D and coloured them in. Then we made a bubble around the word and we painted inside the bubble so that our word can pop out!

This is my graffiti art.

Evaluation: I think that I did a good job with my art but I think that I could of added some  more patterns.