Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Maths post sample

Description: In maths we had to do a fractions task, it was a task that said the mixel lego creators had to divide lots of little pieces of lego. We had 5 questions to answer with the task and they were what is 1/4 of 300, what is 1/5 of 300, 1/4 of 300 again, whats 2/10 of 300 and then 1/10 of 300.  I had trouble doing the 2/10 of 300 and 1/10 of 300 but i got there in the end. I have some photos of my work.

This is the second 1/4 of 300.

Feedback/feedforward: i think that you have done really well in using times and division I think next time that you don't need two work on anything you have explaned this really well. - Bella L

Evaluation: I think I did well showing how I did my maths but I think for a couple of them i think i need to work on explaining a bit more.

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  1. Katie, this is a quality piece, Well Done. I have been very impressed with the effort you have put into it and our maths sessions lately. Keep it up!