Monday, May 2, 2016

Graffiti art

Description: Last term on the second to last day our teacher troy was sick so we had a reliever in for the day and his name is Chris. Chris said that he loves art so he wanted to do some art with us, and the art he chose to do with us is graffiti art. We got inspired by a very famous graffiti artist, I forgot his name but the art he dint was like crayon and graffiti mixed together so thats kind of what we did. First we chose what we were going to write on our A3 paper and then we wrote that word in block letters on our paper, then we made our letters 3D and coloured them in. Then we made a bubble around the word and we painted inside the bubble so that our word can pop out!

This is my graffiti art.

Evaluation: I think that I did a good job with my art but I think that I could of added some  more patterns.

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