Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Me W.A.L.T Measurement

Me devin and Ross are working on measurement and we made these two posters if what we know all ready. It's so fun learning how to measure thing right and how to do it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dont do that

W.A.L.T: Create a detailed plan to organise my ideas and information

Setting: School
Characters: Main character Sam. 
Theme: Comedy

Don't Do That
Know everyone line up for swimming no camron I don't want you to use those scissors to cut rose's hair. No Jacob you will not need to take off Oliver''s glasses and jump on them. Now Josh where do you think your going no you can not go to the pool on your own come on lets go. Okay here we are yes you will need to put your togs on to go into the pool you can not go in your clothes Daniel. Sam what are you doing to the life guard no don't push him into the water Sam!! I do wish you didn't do that Sam.
What are you doing with Ambers towel no you can not use her towel for yourself you are a boy and she is a girl stop Liam.
Now everyone it is time to get in the pool. No Sam you can not belly flop into the pool and Tane you can not bomb into the pool Eli and Cooper I do not believe that you would drown you know how to swim now get in. Sam you have made to much trouble you will not be going for a swim.

Now everyone 2 hours is up come on line up to go back to class, Sam I know you didn't get a swim but that isn't my fault you were the one being naughty it's yo're fault no don't jump in no!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!

This is mine and Tabithas story of when only the teacher speaks, I hope you like it

Spirt animals

W.A.L.T: Create a detailed plan to organise my ideas and information

Setting: City
Characters: Main characters Katie, Tomas.  Butcher, two little kids
Theme: Adventure

“Im going out Tomas”! Hold on, hi im Katie. And this is a story all about, adventure kindness and all sorts of other things. I hope you like like this story, it a very special one to.

“I wonder when were going to get our spirit animals” asked my cousin. Me and my  cousin Tomas were wild kids. Well when i say wild i mean we don’t live in a home. Well we do but its just a small little box house on the side of the footpath. It’s pretty worm, but only because we found some pillows and a blanket on the side of the road. One day when I went out, I saw some necter that you drink and then you get your spirt animal. So i drunk it and then all of usuden a tatto s in the twisted shape of a tiger came up on my shaking arm!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My story I made up. Just terrible

W.A.L.T:Create a detailed plan to organise my ideas and information

Hi my name is Katie this is about me and other things you will read in the book i hope you enjoy!

Setting: Home
Characters: Main characters,Katie Tomas.  Bridget.
Theme: Comedy

I just got in to bed and Im asleep Im dreaming but um… Hhhh here goes nothing Im dreaming about well I, Im dreaming about Im in a magical world and then all of a sudden a monster comes and… KATIE!!!! Shouts mum well i think its mum. I run down stairs. Hold on, your not mum!!! What are you doing up! I was going to get something to eat bu- you were what. I never get up and have something to eat so i don’t no what he was doing. Oh ye and he is my annoying brother Tomas i don't no how were even related. Gosh dosent matter. As you were saying. Well i saw there was NO carrots left and new start away that you ate them all! Me?. I don't eat carrots all the time, it was dad! I stomp back up the stairs in anger dad is still up in bed in his phone. Then i say in anger. Dad, Tomas wants to see you! Its morning now and its Saturday! The day i love the most. I wish every day was Saturday so then no school no not one bit. My best friend Bridget is coming over, I think she's here now. I go to the door. Hi. i say, hi says Bridget. i see she's holding a bucket of slime! What that, I say I bucket of slime, says Bridget. Ok so what are you planing to do with it. Well- Is that a bucket of slime asks Tomas?Oh no not him anyone but him! This is terrible just terrible!

I think that this story is funny and it was hard making up all of these ideas!