Monday, November 10, 2014

Dont do that

W.A.L.T: Create a detailed plan to organise my ideas and information

Setting: School
Characters: Main character Sam. 
Theme: Comedy

Don't Do That
Know everyone line up for swimming no camron I don't want you to use those scissors to cut rose's hair. No Jacob you will not need to take off Oliver''s glasses and jump on them. Now Josh where do you think your going no you can not go to the pool on your own come on lets go. Okay here we are yes you will need to put your togs on to go into the pool you can not go in your clothes Daniel. Sam what are you doing to the life guard no don't push him into the water Sam!! I do wish you didn't do that Sam.
What are you doing with Ambers towel no you can not use her towel for yourself you are a boy and she is a girl stop Liam.
Now everyone it is time to get in the pool. No Sam you can not belly flop into the pool and Tane you can not bomb into the pool Eli and Cooper I do not believe that you would drown you know how to swim now get in. Sam you have made to much trouble you will not be going for a swim.

Now everyone 2 hours is up come on line up to go back to class, Sam I know you didn't get a swim but that isn't my fault you were the one being naughty it's yo're fault no don't jump in no!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!

This is mine and Tabithas story of when only the teacher speaks, I hope you like it

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