Thursday, August 28, 2014


WALT:  Entertain

Description: We read the poem “My Remarkable Journey” which inspired us to write our own remarkable journeys about why our homework wasn’t at school today.


I fell out of bed!Grrr,i hate mondays its homework! I grab my home work, and i think i put it on my desk, but i axedently put it in the paper shredder. I grab the other half out and, scrambled down stairs.

Aaaaaa now I'm greeted by i don't know how many grizzly bears!They think my home work is food so i run back up stairs and i jump out the window.Then an eagle swoops by and gets a good grip on my shoulders I still have my home work i my hands then i hold on to the eagles strong legs!! Oh no! Gasp, hhhh! I just drooped my home work! grrr if my stupid teacher didn't give me that stupid home work then it would be sinking in quick sand right now!!!!!!!!  then the eagle drops me and right over A TAR STOR! i cant move now I'm covered in the stuff oh now I'm rowling but in the direction to school!

On my way no on my tar sticky bumpy way down the hill i get sprad by hundreds of sprinklers i can move but im still rowling!! Now im in school my teacher is waiting I stand up,ok so I'm sorry i don't have my home work but i say i have done a poem of how i don't have it and it goes like this!!!

We decided that a quality piece of writing has the following things. Reflect on whether these things are in your story:
Introduction: It hooks the reader in the first few lines making them want to read more?👌
Punctuation: Is your writing ready for a reader? Does your punctuation make it easy for them to read?👌
Short sentences: Do you create suspense by using these in your writing?👌
Onomatopoeia: Are these in your writing to create impact?👌
Alliteration: Are these in your writing to create impact?👌
Similes/Metaphors: Are these in your writing to create impact? 👌

1. What do you think is the best part of your story? For me the getting it done and on my blog.

2. What was the hardest part about completing this portfolio sample? Typing it on my laptop.

3.  Next time, what is a goal you can work towards? Making sure I keep and eye on the time.

Feedback/Feedforward:Good job Katie. Next time make more paragraphs.

The learning pit

The Learning Pit
WALt: The Learning Pit

Description: We have been learning about when good learning happens.  

Task: Share what you know about the learning pit.

  • Draw the Learning Pit.
  • List at least 3 feelings that you might have when you are in the pit.Challenged pushed and frustrated
  • List at least 3 strategies that you could use to get out of the pit.Pushing your self up challenge yourself and be confer-dent
  • Label where good learning happens.
  • List 3 things you could say to yourself when you are in the pit. I can do it. Don't give up. Keep on going.

Reflect on a time when you have been in the pit.
  • How did you feel when you were in the pit? I felt pushed and challenged in a good way!
  • What did you do to work out of the pit? I kept on working and pushing my self up!

Feedback/Feedforward: Maybe next time you could add on more ideas onto your learning pit Sample but it is still good😉😋


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Te Reo Maori

WALT: communicate a message.

Description: We have been participating in 3 different workshops around colour, compositions and fonts.  We put these skills to use in a poster sharing our knowledge about Te Reo Maori.

Why? We have noticed that our posters are too cluttered and do not communicate a  message well.

Task: Make a poster about Te Reo Maori.

Message: My message is clear and purposeful.  Everything that is on my poster relates to my message.

Composition:  My poster is balanced. Target yellow.jpg

Font:  My font is clear, readable and suits the green.jpg

Colour:  I have used 2-3 colours that are complementary.  My background choice makes the text pop!Target yellow.jpg

Accuracy:  All of the words on my poster are spelt correctly.Target yellow.jpg

  1. What are you most proud of and why?Im most of finishing my poster and putting it up on the wall.Why because I thought I wasn't going to get my poster up in time!

  1. What challenged you the most and why?Getting my poster done in time.Why because I was still getting my poster ready!

  1. Next time, what is a goal you can work towards?Knowing and watching the time better!!!

Katie, I love the way that you thought about what your poster was going to end like. You spaced your poster out really well. Next time can you maybe put the days of the week or some more maori words for feelings. #Amy

This is my poster on maori language I hope you enjoy

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Safe fishing hiwi the kiwi

Safe fishing

I open one of my eyes, its a lovely day and then i go back to sleep, then  mum comes in to my room. Grrr, mum i was sleeping! Then mum says were going fishing. So now i jump out of bed, go get my fishing gear and put my clothes on! then i see mum with out her life jacket with her, so then i say. MUM!you need to get your life jacket, but mum says i don't need a life jacket, I’m a great swimmer and were not going out to far. then i say in a low voice, mum i know your a great swimmer and all, but don't be blaming me if you drown! so she puts on her life jacket, and we go out to see!

Now i cheek that we have salted ice and a wet towel and if we don't then yucky fish here we come.But we do have those two things so I'm happy!Then mum catches a humongus fish and she's putting all her strength in to it trying to pull it up then it finely comes up mum is so tired now she says we can eat this for breaky!Then i say mum you need to need to put it back but she says why?And i say it might have babies in its tummy! So then mum puts it back in to the water with the wet towel so that its scales don't fall off! Then mum catches a medium size fish and i say that will be perfect!!!! so then we go back home and we ate the yummy fish!!!

This is my story about the rules for hiwi the kiwi and the fishing trip me and my mum go on this story took a lot of time so I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!