Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Science port foldio sample

Description: In Troys class we have been learning about weather. What we did on the first week was make a thing called a barometer. A barometer is a thing that basically reads the weather, so for example if the barometer's pointer is pointing low then it means the weather is going to rain or not be nice but if the barometer's pointer says high then the day should be nice. Then what we did this was we went on a page full of ideas of things we could do that is weather related and we could do for science. I was a partner with Zara Hardy, and we made fake snow. What we did for that was, we had shaving cream and baking soda and mixed then together. We had lots of fun doing this but it was SUPER messy!

This is a slides of my science/weather reports.

This a video of Zara and I making the fake snow.

Feedback/Feedforward: Great job Katie I think you did really well with adding as much detail no feedforward.-Gabby

Evaluation: I think Zara and I did well with making snow and it was super fun!!!!! I dont think that we need to add anything for next time.


  1. Awesome work Katie. I loved it when you told me what type of clouds were in the sky while we were watching the weather!

  2. Once again, Awesome work Katie. I love the way you continually strive for excellence in your posts. My only feed forward would be explaining the science behind how snow is made.