Thursday, February 18, 2016

Treaty of waitangi

Description: In Poutama we were learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and Hannah P, Bridget and I made a short movie about what happened again a short version. We are learning about the Treaty of Waitangi because last weekend was Waitangi weekend and New Zealand celebrates Waitangi weekend for a good reason, because the maori and the British signed the for peace the British doesn't own our land and we we would have been controlled by others, so we everyone in Poutama are making all sorts of things for this one day we hope you like them!

This is our movie.

Big idea: First we had to get the information we some information from a slide our teacher made us and some from the internet and then we started to wright the scripted it took us a while but we got there and then we got the props so the moustache and the treaty paper then we read over our lines so we didn't have to look at the camera all the time and then we started to record!

Feedback/Feedforward: It was really good but it could be a bit louder and also the story could be a bit clearer-Bella M

Evaluation: I think that we did a good job with our movie but the last parts could be a bit louder and the green screen wasn't the best. I think that our stage is multi with 3 or more facts.

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  1. Katie, I thought you guys did a sensational job on your video. This post has so much detail making it easier for your viewers to get what you actually did. Next time think about what you could do to get into the relational stage of our matrix.