Monday, October 12, 2015

My reading Prediction.

Description: We had to take a picture of the cover the blurb and a random page in the book then we had to answer some question and I chose to put hem in to groups so, like. Cover, Title, Blurb, My prediction.

My book:

Title: "The Spiral Chrysalis" The name just hooks me in strait away and I just think of a beautiful butterfly but that is not what it looks like at all the book sounds like and book full of mysteries!  

Cover: The cover to me has lots of mystery for me and i'm  wondering what the black curves are I think there people protecting the chrysalis in the back round there is also smoke coming out of the chrysalis and I really want to know what the is!

Blurb: The blurb makes the book sound even more amazing than it looks for me its all about a girl who finds the spiral chrysalis and her gran tells a story about it. I would just love to find out more.

My prediction: I think its about a girl who finds the chrysalis then wants to know about it but there are some guards to it an she doesn't know anything about what it is!

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