Sunday, March 9, 2014

stem and leaf graph

this is my stem and leaf graph

what we had to do for this is we got or learning buddy and a ruler and our day book and then we- meshered our hands to make shore that they were 20 senter meters apart.So after that our learning- partner had to hold the ruler and drop it when ever they wanted to and then we had to catch the ruler and this is my ressolts.
stem and leaf graph. a stem and leaf graph is something you can record your maths or numbers on. the - stem is the long line that and on the left side is all the tens but the 0 is the ones and on the other side is- the leafs and those are the numbers that I got so if I got a 20 I would only put a 0 on the other side of- the line behined the 2.   

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