Monday, February 23, 2015

Swimming Smart Goals

We have been learning how to swim better. Our swimming teacher Troy has been teaching us backstroke, freestyle and sculling. We have been learning these because in week 6 we are all going to the Lido for swimming sports, and we have to have a goal for swimming sports. So just below are my 2 goals for school and then 1 for the lido.

Video:I tekninal issues with my video. But I was slapping my arms, but my kick was good and I was smooth through the water

Big Idea:
I am most proud of my kicks in swimming, because they are powerful but going everywhere.
My goals for school is: To make my hands into cups when I swim freestyle. To do this I must practise remember to practise getting the water in my hand and pull hard through the water.

My second goal is to have my arms always bent and pointing to the sky during freestyle.  To do this I must always think about pointing my arms arm with each stroke I do. This will make me a faster and straighter swimmer.

My goal for swimming sports is to swim in at least two heats. To do this I will put my hand up for the events and give it my all.

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  1. Katie, I really like how detailed your post and goals are. You have put specific information in for each and that makes it clearer for the reader. It would be nice to see your videos, maybe you could add those for us to see your improvements. It was great to see your enthusiasm during our sessions.