Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two stars and a wish

This is my two things that Im happy with for school and my goal for the moment.I am exited because this is the first one of the year(2015)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Swimming Smart Goals

We have been learning how to swim better. Our swimming teacher Troy has been teaching us backstroke, freestyle and sculling. We have been learning these because in week 6 we are all going to the Lido for swimming sports, and we have to have a goal for swimming sports. So just below are my 2 goals for school and then 1 for the lido.

Video:I tekninal issues with my video. But I was slapping my arms, but my kick was good and I was smooth through the water

Big Idea:
I am most proud of my kicks in swimming, because they are powerful but going everywhere.
My goals for school is: To make my hands into cups when I swim freestyle. To do this I must practise remember to practise getting the water in my hand and pull hard through the water.

My second goal is to have my arms always bent and pointing to the sky during freestyle.  To do this I must always think about pointing my arms arm with each stroke I do. This will make me a faster and straighter swimmer.

My goal for swimming sports is to swim in at least two heats. To do this I will put my hand up for the events and give it my all.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stuck video

Description: We had to make a video showing someone not acting. I had to work with Grace s,Furgus k,Thomas m and myself (Katie O). We mad this from the normal video, stuck on an esculater.(If you want to see it its on poutama blog its very funny!)

This is my video.

Criteria: (Content)
  1. Video - 30 seconds long, time is limited.
  2. Scenario - Show someone being stuck and not using the ability to act.
  3. Clear Message - Short sharp clip. Can the watcher get the point of your video?
  4. Unique - Coming up with something funny that gets a laugh from others.
  5. Time Passing - Do you need to show time passing in your clip to emphasise your message.

Criteria: (Movie)

  1. Light - Make sure the sun isn’t creating a hard to see clip.
  2. Voice Volume - Needs to be louder than other background volume eg Noise, Kids.
  3. Frame - What’s in the frame to make your message obvious.
  4. Steady Hands - Make sure the camera is still.

I really liked your video! I loved the way you used time lapse to show you waiting! I also really liked the way you used voiceover so that I could hear your voice really clearly. Next time I think that you could zoom in the camera a bit closer so that I could see your face clearer. Hannah

Monday, February 16, 2015

Buddy class venn diagram

This is mine and and Joe's venn diagram. We had to think of things we like and dislike and see the things that are the same about us. 
We hope you like it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My maths knowledge test

Description:For our maths we had two tests we start of at stage 4 and move up to stage 5 and 6. I only made it to stage 5. Our tests are for our goals, we have to do as much of the test we can and see witch ones we need to work on. These are my 2 tests I did!

This is my 1st test. I got most of them right and my score was 96:)

This is my 2nd test. And the ones that are highlighted are my goals but my mane goal is the addition facts! And my score for this one is 44:(

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When I was little

Purpose:To share memories from our child hood.

Remember in kindy Grace,Rosalind and I all started eating leaves? For mostly everyday at break time we did, but everyone else thought it was weird.

Remember in year 0 and 1 I was really worried? I didn't want to leave my nana but in the end i was fine.

Remember in year 3 how we pranked Joy? It was funny. Stephen said for us to go in his class and then we hid in his office.

That was me growing up