Sunday, July 31, 2016

Monday Discovery Time

Description: Every Monday in Poutama and Poutokomauwa, we do this thing called Discovery Time. Discovery Time is were we have lots of choices of activates to Discover more on.

My activity:
I chose to do sketching/drawing.

Whats was hard about my activity:
The hard thing was trying to perfect my picture and copy all of the right things from the picture I was coping from.

What I liked about my activity:
I really liked the fact that I could keep on trying and trying and then in the end be happy with something I tried really hard to do.

Another thing I have been working on is sewing. For sewing I have been working on a pillow. I didnt finish how I wanted it to, but I was still happy with it because I really tried.

The hard thing about sewing (for me):
The hard thing for sewing is trying not to prick yourself with the needle. Its kind of impossible to not prick yourself, but you an try!

What I liked about sewing:
I really liked the fact that it was just really fun to do and I could just laugh when I pricked myself, and trying to make a pillow is very fun!

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