Sunday, November 13, 2016

PreP post

Description: In term 3 we started to work on our PreP. Im working with Bridget and Caitlin and we decided to do clay sushi. We chose this because we all love Japan and we all love sushi (apart from Caitlin). We wanted to do clay at first but then we thought pom pom's would be better, but then we thought that the pom pom's would fall apart, so ten we went back to clay and made 41 sushis! On the day of market day we only had 31 to sell because some of the sushis got ruined by the p.v.a glue we put on them to keep the paint from falling off. But we did sell all 31 and made $30.50. We have a slide from the start of PreP to the last day. Here it is.

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