Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My maths sample

W.A.L.T Use known facts to solve unknown facts!

Hi everyone! me and my friend Tabitha have made a learning sample about using known facts to solve  unknown facts.YAY!I hope you enjoy our movie we made:)


purpose:We did this so that other people can under stand that if you want to know a time table or a basic fact you can always use other facts or times to solve ones that you don't know!

Buddy comment: I think you and me did really well you espeally and you spoke loud enough your in the green zone yay. how's awesome your AWESOME and I am AWESOME YAY!!!!!!!!  From Tabitha.

Personel evaluation:I think me and Tabitha have done really well but next time I think we need to work on our linesL:p

1 comment:

  1. Katie, your ShowMe is excellent, you speak clearly and you made it entertaining for the viewer. However the rest of the post is missing the correct task description and you haven't done a personal evaluation. Please can you follow the post guidelines we shared with you.