Thursday, June 4, 2015

Inquiry presentation

Description: In poutama we went to all three teachers (Elly Ebony and Troy) After we went to all three teachers we chose one of them. I chose Ebony, because it was about animals and biological and behavioural adaptations. Now a  biological adaptation, is apart of the animal for example the stripes on a tiger is a part of the tiger. Now a behavioural adaptation is when it learns do do something like hunting for food.

Purpose: To think like a scientist.

  • Think like a scientist.
  • Talk like a scientist.
  • Act like a scientist.

 Feedback/Feedforward: Well Done Katie I really think you understand how a scientist speaks and thinks, next time you could work on not saying um in your presenting well done anyway. Grace :)
Self Evaluation: I think I did well with my post. But next time I want to have a bit more of an experiment for my presentation.  

1 comment:

  1. Well done Katie. You were well prepared and well researched for your presentation. You answered questions confidently which was well received by your audience.

    Good work!