Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Strategy Maths

Description:This term we have been doing strategy maths, like subtraction and plus. We have this thing called a maths strategy passport, it helps us with some strategy's we could use later. Our task was to have a sheet of paper with prises with rebel sport items and we four questions and because I'm a stage five I have to do at least one good answer.

This is my work.

Big Idea:
I split my number up in to 100's 10's and 1's then I plus'ed the all together.
For example.
+ 350

Feedback/Feedforward: You have made a really detailed poster. I love your thinking that you have done and how you have shown your strategies. I think you could go further and do 2 strategies for each one even though you are in stage 5. I think you are a great learner. Great Job Katie. Rosalind:)

Self Evaluation: I think my maths work is good but next time I want and think I should do more than one strategy.

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  1. I agree Katie - you have nailed the Place Value Partitioning strategy. Expanding these is really important now...Stage 6 is all about choosing the most efficient strategy depending on the relationship between the numbers. We want to see Equal Additions, Place Value Partitioning, Reversibility and Rounding & Compensating. We will be learning these in our workshops.