Thursday, June 26, 2014

My end of term reflection

WALT: evaluate our learning honestly

What is an effective learner?
an efective learner is a learner who is always on task and who is a agentic learner.

What were the highlights for this term? Why?
My highlights were cross-country because i came second!!!

What were your greatest challenges this term?  Why?grass hopper tennis because when we play games some times i can't hit the ball properly!

How are you going towards acting with integrity? Why?  How could you improve? i am acting towards integrity by putting all the pens away when they need to be put away but i could still work on it by putting everything on the floor away that needs to be put away!!!!

What are your goals in our learner disposition wall?  Where to next?My goal on the learning disposition is to move up to self directed!! I could do this by focusing more on my learning all the time.

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