Thursday, June 5, 2014

This is my mnemonic

learning intention:To create!
This is my mnemonic it is when you have a word and you get all the letters and make a word out of them but in the order of the word you have to write a sentence and I have done that with all ten of my spelling words I hope you enjoy and maybe you can do it.(Its really fun thinking of all the funny things you come up with!)

While:We had Itallians lovely eggs!

Arrived:At river road in Venis eating diner!

Beautiful:Bee eats apple up the Ifull flower until light!

Hospital:Happy ostrage spots pineapple in the apple liver!

Kept:Koala eats pear tower!

Met:Meat eater travels!

Minute:Minny is new until togs end!

Nearly:New eagles are really light.YAY!

Spare:Some pineapples are really evel!

Started:Some triceratops are rude to really evel!

Stopped:Santa toppled over pea place end down!

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  1. Thanks for this post Katie. You have done well creating 10 mnemonics! Remember that capital letters and full stops are very important - in your title and your description.