Monday, June 16, 2014

Kinetic and Potential Energy!


DESCRIPTION: Write an explanation about something you have learned about energy.

What? We are publishing a piece of writing.
Why?, To share on our blog and during our Student Led Conference.
When? Week 6
Who? The World

Evalution:I think i did well and i have expand well!

Kinetic is moving energy.So it is like a ball and you are holding it up in the air and it is ready to drop  that is potential energy!As you know kinetic energy is moving energy. So it is like you drop a ball it is moving!Also when the ball moves it creates heat!


                                                                       Potential energy
                                                                                    Stored energy
                                                                not moving energy

                                                            Kinetic energy
                                                                     moving energy
                                                            not stored energy

Buddy feed back and feed ford:I think that maybe if you had a little bit more time you cloud of made it  longer but you did at well explaining the difference of Kinetic & potential energy.
Gemma :p

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  1. Katie, this was a good start but you haven't explained the science behind kinetic and potential energy. A newtons cradle was made to show the connection between these two types of energy.