Tuesday, September 1, 2015

maths portfolio sample

Description: In maths we are learning to times multiply and divide. In our last work shop we did the box method. I like the box method but it doesn't suite me as a learner, but I might work with it sometimes.

big idea/task:
We are off to production in Week 10 and we need to get to the Regent to do this.
  • We have ordered 6 buses. There are 330 kids at Russell Street School that need to go. How many kids need to go on each bus?  

  • If tickets cost $16 and I need to buy 12 for my family, how much does it cost me?


Feedback/feedforward:Good job Katie I like how you wrote about the box method. But next time you should do nothing different to what you have already done. Because you have done exactly what you were asked to do.
Olivia Furness:)

Evaluation: I think I did well with my maths. At first I was wondering what to do but now I under stand a lot and all of the strategy's that I have learned helps me with learning.

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  1. I'm interested to hear you say that this method doesn't suit you as a learner! Great that you are so in tune with your learning style. What method does suit you?