Sunday, March 13, 2016

Family tree TE Reo E portfoldio sample 2016

Description: On a Monday afternoon we started a to make a Måori family tree. First we had to get the family we new and write it down in our think book and that was our draft. Then we started to make our good copy we could make it on anything and i chose simple pic monkey because its easy to use. First in big letters I wrote my name and I'm a only child so i didn't need to write anything else next to me apart from my cousin then I just went up in generations but I only know up to my grand parents.

This is my family tree:

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did a good job on making it clear so me and everyone else who see's this post can read it clearly, Also I liked how you made it basic with a groovy font so it makes me want to read it. (No Mistakes!) -Zara
Evaluation: Thanks Zara for the positive feedback I really appreciate it but I do think that next time I could get a bit more room so that I can fit in my uncle better.


  1. Katie, your family tree is small and easy to follow. I wonder if you had asked Mum or Dad if they could have helped you go a little further back...?

  2. I think your family tree is small to but it is easy to read and you have added all the moari words so I think you did good. Jake