Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What gose in the girls cabin: Writing 2016 portfoldio post

Description: In Poutama as you know we went on a awesome camp and we chose to write about camp and i'm writing about what goes on in the girls cabin at night! First we had to write down ideas and things about camp in our writers notebook and then after that we chose how we are going to write and we chose from a thing called PIES which means persuade, inform, entertain or self, my one is entertain because I love to write like that. Then we chose what were going to write about as you already know i'm writing what goes on in the girls cabin 18 at night. So I started to write and I was really happy with it but then we went back to our story and re crafted, which is to add better words/ onomatopoeia punctuation etc... Then we started to write it down on the computer and finally put it on our blog! I hope you like my writing I spent a long time making it.

Feedback/feedforward: I think you did a good job on adding detail and doing a good hook for your story. Next time I think you could add more interesting sentences and words. -Zara

Evaluation:Thanks Zara I also think I did well with detail and yes I did have some problems with adding more juicy words.


  1. Katie, some good dirt on what goes on in the girls cabins!!! You use a great level of personal voice in your writing (I could almost tell it was your writing even if it wasn't named) and you also use great descriptive language. Next time think about how you could independently improve your writing in the proofread stage.

  2. Haha love the story Katie, descriptive and yes I read all you're blog posts

  3. Thanks Serena I miss you a lot but thanks for reading my blog!