Monday, June 20, 2016

Japanese Portfoldio Sample

Description: On Thursday afternoons we do Japanese with Kelly. We first learnt how to count to ten in Japanese, then we learnt how to write numbers up to ten in Japanese (but i still need to work on that), and now we are learning to ask questions and and answer to some questions. We are doing this because all of the year 6's are going to IPU (International, Pacific, University) and we are going to meet some Japanese students and we are going to introduce our self to them.

This is a slide of my Japanese:

And this is a picture of my name in Japanese that I painted

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did a well on making sure you name was tidy and clear to read and it looks like you took your time to do it. I like how its big so it stands out. (No feedforward its perfect!!) -Zara

Evaluation: Thanks Zara I also think I did a good job with making it clear for others who don't do Japanese!

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  1. Katie, it is so cool to hear about what you do at Japanese. I wish I had that opportunity as a Year 6. Learning another language is hard, but its a great way to stretch a part of your brain that you don't usually use.