Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Risk taking leason

Description: Today in school all of the year 6's became teachers. All of the year 6's have been doing some risks. We have been doing risks like dancing with the other gender putting your hand in a box with random things in it etc... I wasn't here for when the 6's did there risk but they told me what they did and how they overcame it. Today we gave the year 5's a sheet of paper with different risks on it and they had to number off the risks from 1-9 1 was the most riskiest thing and 9 was the least riskiest thing. Then we gave them another sheet of paper asking what could help them overcome there number 1 risk.

This is some feedback from the year 5's we helped

Thank you you for coaching us for the risk. I like how you helped us with risks. But next time you could explain the sheet a bit more.

Isabella LEE:
Thank you for being my coach for the risk taking stuff. I have not had much experience with my risks but you guys have helped me do my work and next term I really can't wait but I will probably fail. Bye bye

Ruby Mainwaring
Thank you for being my coach I have learnt a lot and will be excited for the next time we do this. I think you were very good at explaining and coaching how to do the task. Next time maybe you could work on sharing the ideas and sharing the jobs with eachother.

This is also a photo of us working

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