Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Self Portraits Portfolio Sample

Description: At the start of the term we started to do some art. We first drew on our piece of paper some patterns that represent us. Then we started to experiment with colours/ Paint, dye etc... Then after we made our practice we started to do a real copy and that was really fun. I didn't like my first copy so I put in the bin and thats why its not on my slide but I really liked my second copy/ actual copy. After doing the experiments and finishing our real thing, we started to practice drawing our selfs. I only had two tries and I really liked my second try so I kept that one. We had to shade and make everything little thing detailed. I cut out my drawing and put it on my other art, and then I took a photo of it and now its on my slide for everyone to see. I hope you like it!

1 comment:

  1. Katie, I think you did a fantastic job of your art and I know that you missed a few days with illness. I love the background detail and the effort you put in there. I think that if you coloured your portrait, it would have been even better.