Thursday, September 1, 2016


Description: This term in writing Ellys group has been focusing on sentences. We practiced compound, complex,conjunction,simple and adverbial sentences. Then after we practiced those we got a slide of questions to answer about all of the types of sentences. The white slide means we have to fill out something and the blue slides are explaining something or telling us what what we need to do. This is my slide.

Evaluation: Thanks Sophie for the feedback and feedforward. I think I did I a good job with doing my sentences on the slides but I also think I could have added a bit more detail to.

Feedback/Feedforward: Nice work Katie. I like your sentences but next time you could add more detail but other wise you did a really good job. - Sophie B


  1. Katie - you have a great understanding of the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences. I can't wait to see you make deliberate choices as you use this knowledge to impact the reader when you write.

  2. P.S - but you do need to check your blue slides for fullstops!!