Monday, August 24, 2015

Writing sample

Description: In our writing class we had  this picture and we had to write down what we think is happening in the picture. then we wrote down the setting and things the animals might be thinking. After that we started writing a story and my friend (Serena) and I all worked on our story's and we were taking turn's and helping each other with feed back and feed forward for our story's!I hope you like my story!

My planning!

My story!/Big idea:

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did a really good job because you described you characters really well but you could have talked about the settings a bit more.
Serena :)

Evaluation:I think I did well with my story but next time I would like to be a bit more organised because I did a lot of editing!


  1. Well Done! Katie your ideas and detail put into your story you have a beginning a middle and a ending as well. Well Done! :)


  2. Katie, I love your introduction. So full of action, and talking in the 'now' makes it very suspenseful and adds a sense of urgency. The story feels like you put all your creativity in at the beginning, and the end didn't have as much WOW! Maybe you could have added more detail to how Tweety freed Tom from the cage so the story ended with as much impact as it started. Looking forward to seeing more writing from you Katie!